What is a pesticide?
Pesticides are any substance used to deter, repel, or destroy insects or other organisms that are harmful to cultivated plants or animals. The chemicals in pesticides can endanger humans, and this is why we test for their presence in cannabis and hemp products.

Even in trace amounts, chemical pesticides can be dangerous for human consumption. While certain pesticides are allowed in the cultivation of cannabis and hemp, many are not eligible for use due to known or unknown dangers of consumption. Even if you aren’t using chemical pesticides, they can still infiltrate safe crops from neighboring farms. For this reason, it’s imperative to test for pesticides in the final product.

Black Labs tests for 58 pesticides according to Arizona state law. We can test for additional pesticides upon request.

In order to test for all 58 types of pesticides, we have to use two different types of analyses based on the properties of the pesticide. We test for 58 pesticides via LC-MS/MS (liquid chromatography.