Why is Environmental Swabbing Important?
Microbes can live on all surfaces, and since we can’t see them, they can sneak into cannabis and hemp plants and products without us even knowing. Swabbing allows us to do “cleaning verification” before problems arise, so we can make sure that we are sanitizing prep areas and equipment properly.

Surfaces and equipment used in the preparation, manufacturing, and packaging of products can be full of contaminants. Swabbing the areas your product touches during its lifecycle can prevent failed batches down the road. It can also identify risky areas that need to be addressed. Our team will swab any surface a plant or product will touch—tabletops and prep surfaces, fans, equipment, ventilation systems and vents, racks, shelving, etc.

We use highly sensitive PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology to detect the presence of contaminants at a genetic level.